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Drag & Drop

Maak je Business Central omgeving compleet door Drag & Drop toe te voegen. Maak al je documenten beschikbaar op de plek waar je ze nodig hebt.

What is Drag & Drop?

It can be a hussle to connect the right documents in Business Central. Is Business Central you don’t alway have acces to the files you want at the place you want. For example you want to match a despription or photo to your salesorder , now with Drag & Drop of SucceedIT it is possible . The Drag & Drop extension provides you with the possibility to easily add files to all the places within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You can add files to sales- and purchase documents, and also to customers, vendors, items and many more. We also support the drag and drop of emails directly from Microsoft Outlook.

The type of files you are able to connect to Business Central are pictures, documents, pdf files and more.

This extension makes it possible to quickly provide and share additional information in many different parts of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Additionally this app allows you to store files directly in the Business Central database or on your SharePoint Online site.

How can I get the app Drag & Drop?

You can download a free trial from the AppSource.

Where can I buy the app Drag & Drop?

You can contact SucceedIT directly or fill in the applicationform below.